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Coaching Classroom Instruction

Coaching Classroom Instruction

Publisher: Marzano Research Laboratory
Publication date: August 17, 2012

Page count: 272

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A must-have resource for individual educators, teams, or coaches, this book covers approaches for boosting professional growth and macrostrategies that are responsive to student needs. Learn how to offer targeted feedback to teachers, empowering them to identify how they can improve their knowledge and skill. Step-by-step guidelines will help teachers increase their performance on the 280 research-based strategies from Becoming a Reflective Teacher.


  • Learn how coaches can help K–12 teachers employ the 41 elements of effective teaching in their classrooms using over 280 research-based strategies.
  • Explore research, teacher actions, desired student responses, extra support/scaffolding, and extensions for each of more than 280 strategies.
  • Examine various ways schools and districts can provide coaching to teachers.

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Drawing upon a vast array of studies on teacher behaviors that are shown to produce growth in student achievement, Marzano and his colleagues describe a developmental approach to coaching and consulting intended to calibrate and encourage integration of forty-one research-based teaching strategies into classroom instruction.”

Arthur L. Costa and Robert J. Garmston, Professors Emeriti, California State University, and Cofounders of Center for Cognitive Coaching

This text is supported by the authors' thorough understanding of coaching and learning theory as well as their practical ideas about how theory can be applied in practice.

The authors draw on evidence about coaching to create a wealth of strategies for teachers to use in the classroom, while being supported through coaching, alongside a developmental scale to evaluate their practice.

Coach behaviors are analyzed in detail, particularly the interpersonal skills needed to conduct a reflective dialogue with their coachee. Using this book will enable a teacher coach to model the reflective learning dialogue process for trainee or experienced teachers to follow.”

Anne Brockbank, Director, Brockbank McGill Associates, London

This book will help educators raise their awareness of critical elements that impact the effectiveness of classroom instruction. Regardless of one's coaching model, awareness of these elements will contribute positively to the design-thinking process.”

Bob and Megan Tschannen-Moran, coauthors Evocative Coaching, cofounders Center for School Transformation

Coaching Classroom Instruction is great contribution to the field. The book is an excellent overview of the research and a practical book that every instructional coach and leader of coaches will find incredibly helpful.”

Jim Knight, Author of Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction; Director of The Kansas Coaching Project at The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

A first place finish! In this go-to guide, Marzano and Simms, offer frontline practitioners a much-needed road map for classroom coaching that drives growth, maximizes performance, and improves outcomes. Whether accelerating teachers' use of effective classroom practices from 0 to 1, 3 to 4, or anywhere in between, coaches everywhere will find the most up-to-date research explained briefly and illustrated extensively through role plays and vignettes. Using coaching to help teachers translate core components of effective instruction into real world classroom practice has never been easier.”

Marcia L. Rock, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina Greensboro