About Us

At Marzano Research, we come from legendary stock. The original founder, Robert J. Marzano (we call him Bob), is an industry pioneer whose impact on education is significant. In 2019, we made some history of our own when we decided to take the company’s future in hand and focus on blazing new trails for the benefit of our clients, educators, and students.

That’s when we became a wholly woman-owned small business, combining the in-depth expertise, knowledge and experience of industry veterans Danette ParsleyJoy Bell, and Jennifer Norford. Our team includes dozens of long-term employees, giving us both a depth of experience and a sense of camaraderie and trust that encourages creativity and innovation.

Today, Marzano Research works at the forefront of practitioner-centered education improvement with clients of every size, background and need—from individual schools and districts to state education agencies and the federal government. We proudly serve seven states in the central region through the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central contract, one of ten RELs in the U.S. funded by the Institute of Education Sciences.

Our Approach

Marzano Research offers national, big-company education research and consulting capabilities with a collaborative, small-business approach. We roll up our sleeves, meet you where you are, and use “engineered simplicity” to solve your toughest education challenges. We skip the cookie-cutter or pre-set solutions, and your issues get personalized focus and answers that are uniquely yours.

Engineered Simplicity

Using sophisticated tools and methods to deliver practical solutions you can use to meet real-world education challenges.

We look forward to learning about your work and finding ways to partner on your efforts to improve children’s futures.