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Doug has a passion for learning and seeing students achieve. He views education research as a way to uncover how children learn and to develop effective strategies teachers can use to empower children to learn. An additional goal of education research, in Doug’s mind, is to break down barriers between researchers and teachers in order to make what has been uncovered accessible and applicable to the classroom. In this way, the best that we know becomes standard practice in every classroom.

As a senior researcher at Marzano Research, Doug contributes to work under the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central contract. He oversees the Ask-A-REL service and serves as coordinator for the Rural Education Research Alliance and the College and Career Readiness Research Alliance. He also leads and assists in numerous projects that focus on, for example, educator evaluation, algebra readiness, rural education, postsecondary readiness, and educator effectiveness. He has expertise in qualitative and mixed-methods research as well as in mathematics, mathematics education, and learning trajectories.

Before joining Marzano Research, Doug spent 15 years teaching middle and high school mathematics, and then 3 years as a school administrator. He earned his master’s degree in mathematics education at Buffalo State College. He also received a certificate of advanced studies in educational leadership and policy, as well as his doctoral degree in mathematics education, from the University at Buffalo.