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Jennifer Norford is chief program officer at Marzano Research and one of three principal owners of the company. Jennifer has worked at Marzano Research since 2013 with a focus on creating strategic direction, developing new lines of work, and building new partnerships.

Jennifer has more than twenty years of experience in preK–12 and postsecondary schools as a teacher, instructional materials developer, technical assistance provider, research and development specialist, and development director. She has co-authored numerous books and journal articles, including, most recently, books on classroom assessment and personalized competency-based education. She brings her unique blend of development, managerial, and operations expertise, along with content and programmatic experience in science, engineering, mathematics, and English language arts, to Marzano Research.

Jennifer is the chair of the board of directors of the Knowledge Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on enabling educators at the state, district and school levels to make informed, evidence-based decisions to improve K-12 public education.

Jennifer earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, as well as a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, from Virginia Tech.