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Kai Schramm strongly believes that education research is the foundation to enabling data-informed decision-making practices that spur beneficial system and policy change.

As a research associate, Kai provides program evaluation and technical assistance for several Regional Educational Laboratory Central (REL) projects related to college and career readiness as well as rural education. Additionally, Kai supports REL Central partnerships in Nebraska and South Dakota. His expertise lies in program evaluation and quantitative methods.

Kai has a wealth of experience in social science research. He has worked in the field of behavioral health by providing technical assistance, program evaluation, and statistical analyses support for multiple state funded projects focused on homeless services, refugee/immigrant populations, and the criminal justice system.

Kai holds a master’s degree of philosophy in program evaluation from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He received his bachelor’s degree in social science, majoring in psychology, organizational psychology, and philosophy, with an honor’s degree in psychology.