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As a research associate at Marzano Research, Mckenzie cares deeply about equity in education and sees her work as an opportunity to contribute to efforts to use research to support a fair and accessible education system.

Specifically, Mckenzie provides research assistance and technical support for various Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central projects, as well as for education research studies focused on educator effectiveness and program improvement. She is skilled in data system creation, management, collection, and analysis; and qualitative research methodology, including survey, observation, and interview techniques.

Before working at Marzano Research, Mckenzie served as a professional development account coordinator at Solution Tree in Bloomington, and as a research and evaluation intern at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. She has also conducted survey-based research at Indiana University.

Mckenzie holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, with a minor in educational studies, from Indiana University Bloomington.