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Because of Steven’s belief in the importance of bridging the gap between research and educators, he seeks to ensure that the work of each project meets the needs of those in the field and that the outcomes of the research are communicated in a digestible and useful way to drive forward the conversation around policy and practice.

As a researcher at Marzano Research, Steven engages in numerous technical assistance and research projects for the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central, including acting as the coordinator for the American Indian Education Research Alliance. He also contributes to data collection, management, and analysis for studies focused on career and college readiness, school improvement, and support systems at the state and local level.

A Teach For America alumni, Steven has eight years of experience in education as a practitioner in tribal, traditional public, and charter schools, as well as experience in quantitative and qualitative education research. He has also supported teacher development at the local and regional levels.

Steven is a veteran and holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Rhode Island College and a master of arts degree in urban education policy from Brown University.