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Trudy values education research as a means to provide educators with evidence and practical tools to guide their decision-making, and this belief underpins her work as director of research.

At Marzano Research, Trudy oversees all research and evaluation activities, contributing expertise and direction to project leads and team members. She also directs the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central, an Institute of Education Sciences (IES)-funded center that partners with education agencies, school districts, and others to use data and research to improve education outcomes for kids. Trudy has research expertise in study design, instrument development, and data analysis, visualization, and reporting, and content expertise in student assessment, educator evaluation, teacher preparation, and gifted education.

Trudy has 15 years of experience in conducting evaluations and directing research. She has coordinated research and program evaluation for Albemarle County Public Schools in Virginia, and served as study director on a large-scale randomized controlled trial of a supplemental vocabulary program, co-authoring a peer-reviewed journal article about the findings. Under the REL Central contract, she has organized applied research studies related to feedback in educator evaluation systems, and is lead author on four IES publications. She has also led district- and state-level research on educator effectiveness.

Trudy received her doctorate in educational psychology, with an emphasis in research and evaluation, from the University of Virginia. She is a What Works Clearinghouse-certified reviewer for single-case and group-design standards.