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About Reinventing Schools

The Reinventing Schools Division of Marzano Research provides an array of services to support districts, schools, and classrooms as they transition from teacher-driven, time-based education systems to learner-centered, competency-based systems. We believe that all students can achieve—regardless of their background, disabilities, prior performance, or other obstacles. Our systemic approach to competency-based education intentionally empowers students to take control of their learning, honors their differences, and prepares a strong pathway toward individual career- and college-readiness and life success. Our experts can help you:

  • Shift to a competency-based system and build student ownership of their learning
  • Develop and communicate a shared vision of personalized learning with stakeholders
  • Adjust instruction and assessment to meet the rigor of the standards and the needs of the individual student
  • Develop a learner-centered recording and reporting process that ensures timely and specific feedback
  • Implement a system for monitoring progress and measuring success