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  1. Jessica Allen

    Jessica Allen

    Jessica Allen, MA, is a researcher at Marzano Research. Through her work with the team, she helps design studies, gather and analyze data, and write up research findings.

  2. Lyn Bopp

    Lyn Bopp

    Lyn values education research because, like education itself, it sparks the imagination, encourages debate, and leads to innovation. As a research associate, she especially enjoys working with a team that focuses its efforts on improving education for kids.

  3. Joseph Boven

    Joseph Boven

    Joseph explores his passion for storytelling and communication as the communications manager for the research department. Through his work, Joseph facilitates an understanding of research-based education and enhances access to knowledge and tools that improve kids’ futures.

  4. R. Marc Brodersen

    R. Marc Brodersen

    At Marzano Research, Dr. Brodersen oversees a number of evaluation and research projects related to college- and career-readiness, best practices for educators, and innovative educational interventions, managing a team of researchers and research associates to accomplish the work.

  5. Chris Byard II

    Chris Byard II

    Chris Byard serves as grants and contracts administrator at Marzano Research. He contributes to pre-award and post-award activities.

  6. Trudy L. Cherasaro

    Trudy L. Cherasaro

    Trudy L. Cherasaro, PhD, is director of research at Marzano Research. She leads research and technical support projects for REL Central.

  7. The Critical Concepts

    The Critical Concepts

    Publication date: August 8, 2016


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  8. The Critical Concepts in Social Studies

    The Critical Concepts in Social Studies

    Publication date: March 1, 2019


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