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Common Core Implementation Training
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Common Core Implementation Training


Implement Common Core State Standards with confidence. This four-module training makes the new standards doable and meaningful to you and the students you serve. Each module highlights the critical processes that must occur in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Follow our recommended program, or select specific modules that address your greatest areas of need.

  • Module 1: What are the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)?
  • Module 2: How do proficiency scales support CCSS implementation?
  • Module 3: What instructional practices support CCSS implementation?
  • Module 4: What assessment practices support CCSS implementation?

Transition smoothly and quickly. You’ll walk away with deep understanding of the standards as well as the curricular, instructional, and assessment processes that will facilitate implementation. Participants will have an opportunity to create a draft plan for implementation.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the purpose, organization, and content of the CCSS.
  • Learn about the three facets of text complexity and how they relate to the CCSS for English language arts.
  • Gain an understanding of instructional and assessment practices that support the CCSS.
  • Learn about proficiency scales and how they support CCSS implementation.
  • Study the CCSS assessment process and potential item types.
  • Explore possible strategic plans for CCSS implementation.

Recommended Participants

District leaders, school leaders, teachers


One-day express overview or multiple days as requested