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Privacy Policy

Our Promise

Your information remains confidential. We regard your privacy with the highest degree of respect.

Our Policy

Transaction information about Marzano Research customers is never sold to a third party. We believe that our customers have a right to know what information we might collect about them—and why, and we are pleased to personally address any privacy question or concern with you.

Order Confirmation

We will send email to acknowledge your orders with us. Under no circumstances will we expose your financial information (e.g., credit card number) in email.

You have the option to create a customer account on our website. All account information is regarded as highly confidential and is submitted via secure, encrypted data transmissions. Our customers' credit card information is not stored or archived on any publicly accessible computer system.

We Protect Your Information

We strictly control access to customer information, and we will not sell or distribute information to a third party under any circumstances without prior notification.


A cookie is a small text file which is automatically saved on your computer when you visit our site. Marzano Research uses cookies to help us understand how people use our website.

We Use the Toughest Encryption We Can

We use the highest level of encryption that your web browser (e.g., Firefox or Internet Explorer) can legally handle. We maintain a full 128-bit digital encryption certificate on our own in-house web servers for your protection.

You Have a Right to Complain

If you believe we have violated your trust, we will respond immediately to resolve any problem or work with your choice of recognized consumer advocate toward resolution. We are committed to your personal satisfaction with every purchase you make from Marzano Research. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to hear your feedback.