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High Reliability Teacher

What is a High Reliability Teacher?

A High Reliability Teacher (HRT) is a teacher who has demonstrated proficiency in regard to instruction and assessment as it relates to improved student learning. A High Reliability Teacher may be certified in one to three levels of research-based practices. Additional information on each of the three levels is provided below.

How does the process work?

  1. For this limited rollout,* individual teachers, teams of teachers, or other groups of teachers can enroll in the online level-one certification process by completing the High Reliability Teacher Interest Form on this page. Final enrollment information and directions will be sent to each potential applicant via email.
  2. Once their spot is confirmed, teachers will be assigned to a cohort group and receive an email with further directions about the online certification process.
  3. Each cohort group is monitored by a certification reviewer. Certification reviewers are current or retired practitioners who have proven success in improving instruction. They are affiliated with Marzano Research as a professional development associate.
  4. Teachers will submit products and artifacts to their certification reviewer once they have completed them. Teachers are expected to monitor their own progress. They make determinations in regard to when they wish to submit their materials to the certification reviewer. While teachers may work in teams, all work will be submitted individually.
  5. The certification reviewers will review submitted materials and either approve them or provide guidance for resubmission.
  6. Each cohort group has an identified beginning and end date for when the certification process will be open.
  7. Upon completion of the course, teachers will receive a mailed certificate. Teachers may use the certificate and their submitted products and artifacts as evidence of their expertise.

Approximate time commitment for level 1: 18 hours

*Special price available for this limited rollout only. Maximum capacity is 200 teachers. A waiting list will be kept for the full rollout in August 2018.

High Reliability Teacher Certification Levels

Level 1: Demonstration of Effective Use of Instructional Strategies


  • Understanding and implementing a model of instruction
  • Completing self-assessment and creating growth goals
  • Providing evidence of instruction based on 10 major areas of student outcomes by submitting and reflecting on videos of their instruction
  • Evaluating results of pre- and post- student surveys
  • Implementing student self-actualization project or a project that connects students to something greater than self

Level 2: Demonstration of Student Learning


  • Providing evidence that measurement topics and proficiency scales are in place and being used
  • Providing evidence that assessments are aligned to those scales
  • Trading and scoring pre-test and post-test with others
  • Demonstrating overall growth of the class
  • Reporting growth of each student with corresponding explanation of growth
  • Providing an intervention plan for students who did not demonstrate adequate growth

Level 3: Demonstration of Valid and Rigorous Feedback


  • Tracking assessment reliability with the use of an online tool
  • Describing and explaining the level of reliability exhibited by the assessment
  • Demonstrating that student results based on proficiency scales correlate to the state or other external tests

High Reliability Teacher Interest Form