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College and Career Readiness
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College and Career Readiness


Set your students up for a lifetime of success. Explore the college- and career-readiness skills learners must acquire by the end of their K–12 educational experience, and gain clarity on how to ensure students master these invaluable skills.

During this interactive workshop, you’ll discover how to provide explicit instruction that prepares students for college and careers. Partner with our experts to review a comprehensive list of college- and career-readiness skills, and select those that are most applicable to your students. After creating a list of essential skills, we’ll help you design rubrics to score student progress at different grade levels.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a clear understanding of what college and career readiness means.
  • Discover which skills are necessary to be college and career ready.
  • Learn ways to provide explicit instruction for college- and career-readiness skills.
  • Develop proficiency scales for specific college- and career-readiness skills.
  • Examine feedback processes to ensure improvement of identified skills.

Recommended Participants

Teachers, curriculum coaches


One day