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Based in Jefferson County, Colorado, Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) is a community-based program focused on supporting families in their journeys from poverty to prosperity. JPP coaches help children, youth, and their parents in getting their education, securing jobs, prioritizing their health and wellness, reducing debt, and connecting with other families in similar situations. In addition, JPP refers families to its partners for services. JPP has over 60 community partners, including schools, faith groups, nonprofits, foundations, businesses, and more. Marzano Research supported the success of the JPP approach by collecting and co-interpreting data to help them make program improvements. Marzano Research’s goal was to create effective sources for data collection and to help JPP analyze the data.

JPP partnered with Marzano Research to conduct and evaluate the program in order to improve the supports provided to families. Marzano Research developed surveys aimed at parents and JPP community partners and conducted focus groups to gather information on the program’s perceived impact as well as to identify areas for improvement. The partner survey was distributed to JPP’s community, industry, and state/county partners with the intent to learn more about how they perceive the program’s purpose and work. Additionally, the parent survey was sent out to JPP parents to gauge their assessment of the program’s work, their motivation for participating in JPP, and potential improvements to the program. Finally, focus groups were conducted to learn about families’ experiences in the program and assess parents’ feedback on the program.

JPP helps children, youth, and their parents in:

  • Getting education
  • Securing jobs
  • Prioritizing health and wellness
  • Reducing debt
  • And connecting with other families in similar situations

According to the parent survey and focus groups, parents were very satisfied with the JPP coaching. However, parents also identified areas for program improvement, such as supporting education for children, promoting community-building, and increasing the number of youth activities. Since the number of families participating in the JPP program is growing, parents suggested having a social media page that will help them connect with new families and keep up to date on JPP hosted events. Furthermore, families noted that the creation of a JPP website for families and partners would improve communication and encourage opportunities for sweat equity, or contributions to a project in the form of labor.

A big part of JPP is that not only your coach but everyone is your resource.

Parent receiving JPP services

After reviewing the survey and focus group data, JPP coaches learned that overall the families they were working with felt supported and excited to be part of the program. One JPP parent said, “A big part of JPP is that not only your coach but everyone is your resource.” JPP will be able to use the data to make informed decisions about how to better serve JPP families.

For more information, visit the JPP website.