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Scheduling and Reporting in a Personalized Competency-Based System
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Reinventing Schools PD Services

Scheduling and Reporting in a Personalized Competency-Based System


Gain practical guidance for scheduling and reporting in a personalized competency-based system. Both scheduling and reporting in a personalized competency-based system can look very different from current practices. Answer common questions, such as How we do make initial placements for students? Can a school still use grade levels in a personalized competency-based system? Isn’t this system just a new form of tracking students? This workshop will help you work within your current system by making tweaks to the schedule or completely rethinking the traditional schedule.

Participants will also examine various approaches for reporting student progress using performance levels or traditional courses and grade levels. This workshop provides numerous real-world examples and practical guidance for shifting from a traditional to a competency-based system.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn strategies for making initial placements for students in a personalized competency-based classroom.
  • Discuss common questions that arise when implementing new scheduling practices.
  • Explore various strategies for working within the current system, including small-group instruction, focused instructional time and advisory, and team teaching.
  • Examine the concept of “appropriate pace” and the importance of reporting on pace.
  • Discuss options for facilitating transitions between buildings.
  • Explore approaches for nontraditional scheduling and for using performance levels instead of grade levels for reporting.
  • Examine standards-referenced reporting as a stepping stone to a competency-based system.

Recommended Participants

District leaders, school leaders, teachers, instructional coaches

Time Frame

One or two days; targeted webinars focused on specific grade levels