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Educator Effectiveness

Evidence tells us that classroom teaching and school leadership matter for ensuring all students learn and grow. Supporting educators in their professional growth and development throughout their career life cycle—from pre-service to career exit—is an important and complex endeavor. It requires systems that create and sustain a culture of professionalism, continuous improvement, and excellence. We work with state and local agencies to design, implement, and improve these systems, and determine if they are achieving the desired results for educators and students.

What’s New in Educator Effectiveness

Collecting Equity Strategies to Improve Access to Excellent Teachers

Collecting Equity Strategies to Improve Access to Excellent Teachers

Missouri’s state equity plan calls for all students to have equitable access to excellent educators. However, after surveying districts, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MO DESE) found that in some rural areas, and areas with high concentrations of minority and lower income earning families, students do not have that access. […]

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remote evaluation

FAQ: How can districts conduct teacher evaluations during remote learning?

As many school districts start the school year using remote learning, school leaders are concerned about conducting teacher evaluations when teachers are teaching remotely. The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central has compiled resources that leaders can use to modify evaluation procedures during periods of remote learning. […]

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Meet a Few of Our Experts

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Jing Liu

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Joshua Stewart
Senior Researcher

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Shelby Hubach
Senior Researcher

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Trudy Cherasaro
Director of Research

How We Can Help

We offer consulting, professional development, facilitation, and rigorous research and analysis to help you ensure every student has access to excellent teachers. We can help you

  • Identify successful equity improvement strategies and plans to ensure all students have access to effective educators
  • Use research and evidence to improve educator effectiveness systems and supports for professional growth and development
  • Ensure the reliability and validity of an educator evaluation system
  • Design professional learning plans that are grounded in evidence-based practice, directly tied to local instructional and other frameworks, and meant to advance school improvement goals
  • Develop and provide professional learning experiences to support leadership development and system improvement
  • Conduct research to identify teacher qualifications associated with student success for teacher accreditation and staffing purposes

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