Teacher as Researcher

Sometimes a large-scale experimental study is not the right tool for the job. When it comes to conducting experiments on the effectiveness of specific instructional strategies in classrooms, teachers are best positioned to find out what works. Marzano Research is taking action to rethink classroom research and empower teachers to test and adjust day-to-day instruction. Instructional strategies are a unique type of intervention because their effects are observable in a relatively short period of time. As such, they are perfect candidates for teacher experiments. We bring tools that support classroom-based experiments, helping teachers develop and test hypotheses about what works for their particular students and use results to inform real-time adjustments.

What’s New in Teacher as Researcher

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Meet a Few of Our Experts

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Robert J. Marzano
Strategic Advisor

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Danette Parsley
Chief Executive Officer

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Jennifer S. Norford
Chief Program Officer

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Trudy Cherasaro
Research Director

How We Can Help

We offer consulting and professional development in creating learning communities to study instruction. We can help you

  • Select or develop tools for data collection and analysis by teachers
  • Create a professional learning community
  • Develop an action inquiry network across schools
  • Conduct a teacher as researcher project within your existing professional learning network
  • Study an instructional framework in your district

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