Our Associates

Learn from the best of the best. Each of our associates is selected through a rigorous process that carefully weighs qualifications and experience. Personally trained by Dr. Marzano, our associates specialize in long-term school improvement efforts in K–12 public and private school districts and individual schools. The depth and breadth of their collective educational experience is staggering—and now you can leverage it to add reach to yours.

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  1. Mario Acosta

    Mario Acosta

    Mario Acosta is principal of Hernandez Middle School in Texas. He has also served in public education as a teacher, coach, and campus administrator at both the middle and high school levels.

  2. Tina H. Boogren

    Tina H. Boogren

    Tina H. Boogren, PhD, is a former classroom teacher, English department chair, teacher mentor, instructional coach, professional developer, athletic coach, and building-level leader.

  3. Toby Boss

    Toby Boss

    Dr. Toby Boss is the director of professional development at Educational Service Unit 6 in Milford, Nebraska. Dr. Boss focuses on improving teaching and learning for all students.

  4. Robin J. Carey

    Robin J. Carey

    Robin J. Carey, PhD, is an educator with more than thirty years’ experience as a teacher, facilitator, coordinator, and director. She has a passion for meeting the needs of diverse learners.

  5. Bev Clemens

    Bev Clemens

    Bev Clemens, PhD, is a curriculum coordinator for Douglas County School District in Colorado. She has experience as a classroom teacher, district leader, and professional developer.

  6. Sally Corey

    Sally Corey

    Sally Corey is a national and international consultant and trainer who has worked extensively at the district, building, and classroom levels in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

  7. Michelle Finn

    Michelle Finn

    Michelle Finn is a professional development associate for the Reinventing Schools Division of Marzano Research. She has more than a decade of experience in a variety of educational roles and settings.

  8. Douglas Finn III

    Douglas Finn III

    Douglas Finn III is a professional development associate for the Reinventing Schools Division of Marzano Research. He helps mentor students and educators working with this model.

  9. Jane Doty Fischer

    Jane Doty Fischer

    Jane Doty Fischer is a trainer, consultant, and professional developer with a background and expertise in school improvement at the district, school, and classroom levels. Her passionate leadership inspires change.

  10. Jeff Flygare

    Jeff Flygare

    Jeff Flygare has served as a classroom teacher, professional development presenter, and English language arts specialist. He led the movement to a standards-based education for Academy School District 20 in Colorado.

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