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Getting Started in a Personalized Competency-Based System
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Getting Started in a Personalized Competency-Based System


What is personalized learning and competency-based education, and how can I get started in my classroom or school? Learn about the key differences between time-based and performance-based systems of learning, and explore the benefits of a student-centered approach to teaching and learning that allows students to move through levels of content at their appropriate pace. Participants will examine a set of design questions that address key terms and topics (such as personalizing learning, student agency, assessment and measurement, scheduling and reporting), with a focus on how decisions affect student learning. Participants will share their experiences and learn from real-world examples of schools and classrooms that have implemented these types of systems.

This professional development is designed to provide an overview of key terms, concepts, and approaches for personalized learning and competency-based education, with a focus on the Marzano Research Reinventing Schools approach. The workshop will prepare participants to begin thinking about and planning for the transition in their classrooms and schools.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about an approach for designing and implementing personalized competency-based education in classrooms and schools.
  • Learn about implementation from concrete examples in schools.
  • Examine practical strategies for addressing the following key design questions:
    • What content will be addressed within the system?
    • How will the learning environment support student agency?
    • How will instruction support student learning?
    • How will student proficiency be measured?
    • How will scheduling accommodate student learning?
    • How will reporting facilitate student learning?
    • How do we transition to a personalized, competency-based system?

Recommended Participants

District leaders, school leaders, teachers, instructional coaches, design teams

Time Frame

One or two days; targeted webinars focused on specific grade levels