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Proficiency Scales for the New Science Standards
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Proficiency Scales for the New Science Standards


Revolutionize curriculum, instruction, and assessment in your school. Since the release of the Next Generation Science Standards, educators have sought to make the new standards doable and meaningful in a classroom setting. Proficiency scales articulate progressions of knowledge and skills to help educators assess and track students’ progress on the new standards. This workshop gives educators an in-depth understanding of how to weave proficiency scales for the NGSS into successful classroom practice.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to write proficiency scales.
  • Access hundreds of ready-made scales for the NGSS.
  • Discover how to use proficiency scales to plan units and lessons, design effective formative assessments, and track students’ progress.
  • Acquire guidelines for addressing the scientific practices and for crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas that compose each standard.

Recommended Participants

School leaders, teachers