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Creating a Learning Environment to Promote Student Agency
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Creating a Learning Environment to Promote Student Agency


Imagine a classroom where all students are engaged learners who set goals and monitor their progress. In a competency-based education classroom that delivers personalized learning, teachers and students must shift the way they view teaching and learning. Teachers are no longer solely responsible for and in charge of all teaching, learning, and assessment activities. Students must become active participants in teaching and learning, and to be successful, they need to learn how to take responsibility for their own learning.

This interactive workshop introduces strategies for developing and enhancing learner agency—a student’s ability to take independent, purposeful initiative. Learn how to integrate student voice and choice in how the classroom operates, in their learning, and in how their learning is assessed. Learn how to work with students to build a class code of cooperation and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to develop independent learners and create procedural efficiency. Gain strategies for providing effective feedback and working with students to develop methods for setting goals, monitoring their own progress, and celebrating successes.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Establish action plans for developing a learner-centered classroom.
  • Learn how to establish a system for setting and monitoring classroom goals through a code of cooperation.
  • Learn how to develop independent learners using standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Learn specific strategies for integrating student voice and choice into the teaching and learning process.
  • Examine approaches for creating a more flexible learning environment to support student independence.

Recommended Participants

School leaders, teachers

Time Frame

One or two days; targeted webinars focused on a particular strategy