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About Our Research

Translating research into practice is our hallmark. When Marzano Research recommends an instructional practice or strategy, you can be sure it has been rigorously vetted. Before recommending a practice, we collect all the relevant research, group the research findings by each study's purpose and variables, analyze the results, and calculate the effect of that practice on student learning. Next, we translate our findings into easily used strategies for teachers and administrators.

But we don’t stop at analyzing the literature. Marzano Research then seeks teachers and administrators to try these strategies in their classrooms, schools, or districts through action research projects. Our practitioner partners work with us to examine the effectiveness of various curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices using formal research techniques, with the intent to inform and change future practices.

Whenever possible, Marzano Research’s action research studies are structured to meet scientific standards of reliability by testing each practice with both experimental classes (in which a particular strategy is used) and control classes (in which the strategy is not used). We then analyze the results to track each instructional strategy’s effectiveness in a variety of situations.

Our partnership with educators keeps us on the cutting edge of best practice. Join us in our study of instructional practices and student learning.

Research & Evidence Base

Marzano Research’s recommended strategies are both research-based and evidence-based. They’re grounded in research literature and tested through experimental/control action research studies.

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Join Our Action Research

Classroom teachers: Interested in participating in action research with us? We’ll show you how to collect and submit your classroom data.

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Schools or districts: Curious about what action research can reveal about your organization? We can implement large-scale studies.

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