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The research department at Marzano Research partners with educators, policy makers, and researchers to support them in understanding, conducting, and implementing research to improve education systems and outcomes for students.

Created by Robert J. Marzano over a decade ago, the research department began by working in the field with state and local education organizations and practitioners to understand the challenges educators face. In doing so, we discovered that K–12 educators wanted thought partners—people able to work with them to define the questions, conduct the research, and identify the best practices important to improving their students’ achievement.

Today, Marzano Research has grown around that central philosophy to become one of the premier research organizations in the country, conducting rigorous research, evaluation, and technical assistance with federal, state, local, and private partners. As part of that work, we serve as the prime contractor for the Regional Educational Laboratory Central, working with the state and local education agencies across a seven-state region to provide thought partnership and research focused on discovering solutions to some of the most challenging problems in education.

We look forward to learning about your work and finding ways together to improve children’s futures.

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Our research team is helping educators, districts, and states across the country find the answers to help them improve education for their kids.

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