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Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen, MA, is a researcher at Marzano Research. Through her work with the team, she helps design studies, gather and analyze data, and write up research findings.

“I always enjoyed school and consider myself a lifelong learner. After a degree in biology and eight years of teaching in secondary school, I studied education research in graduate school. My job allows me to apply the analytical skills I developed through science to the context of education research.”

With a background in science, teaching, and education research, Jessica enjoys putting her analytical skills to work as a project manager, coordinating activities for multiple projects to improve education.

Jessica supports the research department by monitoring project timelines and deliverables and maintaining communication with subcontractors. She also develops and organizes annual plans and monthly and quarterly progress reports for the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central contract. In addition to project management, Jessica has expertise in quantitative research methods, data collection, and data analysis.

After teaching science at schools in New York and New Jersey, Jessica shifted her focus to education research and has over 10 years of experience in the field. For instance, she contributed to evaluation projects and designed quantitative and qualitative education research methods at McREL, and served as data analyst on projects examining state accountability systems at the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment. Additionally, as a principal consultant at the Colorado Department of Education, Jessica developed procedures to ensure the quality and accuracy of state assessment data collection, results, and reports.

Jessica earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Colorado State University, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Hamilton College in New York.