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Our Researchers

Turn data into information. Marzano Research is proud to be the home of distinguished analysts with deep experience in education. Their expertise in data and passion for improved student learning ensure that you receive rigorous, meaningful analysis that informs your work.

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  1. Lyn Bopp

    Lyn Bopp

    Lyn values education research because, like education itself, it sparks the imagination, encourages debate, and leads to innovation. As a research associate, she especially enjoys working with a team that focuses its efforts on improving education for kids.

  2. Joseph Boven

    Joseph Boven

    Joseph explores his passion for storytelling and communication as the communications manager for the research department. Through his work, Joseph facilitates an understanding of research-based education and enhances access to knowledge and tools that improve kids’ futures.

  3. R. Marc Brodersen

    R. Marc Brodersen

    At Marzano Research, Dr. Brodersen oversees a number of evaluation and research projects related to college- and career-readiness, best practices for educators, and innovative educational interventions, managing a team of researchers and research associates to accomplish the work.

  4. Trudy L. Cherasaro

    Trudy L. Cherasaro

    Trudy L. Cherasaro, PhD, is director of research at Marzano Research. She leads research and technical support projects for REL Central.

  5. Douglas Gagnon

    Douglas Gagnon

    As senior researcher at Marzano Research, Doug contributes to numerous projects relating to, for example, career and technical education and a loan-forgiveness program for teachers. Under the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central contract, he also leads the Cross-REL Rural Education Working Group, which concentrates efforts across RELs to address current concerns in rural education. Doug has research expertise in quantitative methods and study design.

  6. Carrie Germeroth

    Carrie Germeroth

    As senior researcher at Marzano Research, Carrie leads numerous projects such as program evaluations, applied research studies, data collection and analysis, and technical support for early childhood education. In addition, she is deputy director for the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central, overseeing work related to developing partnerships and disseminating information about projects. She has expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods, experimental and quasi-experimental designs, cross-cultural research, and instrument design and validation.

  7. Mckenzie Haines

    Mckenzie Haines

    As a research associate at Marzano Research, Mckenzie cares deeply about equity in education and sees her work as an opportunity to contribute to efforts to use research to support a fair and accessible education system.

  8. Charles Harding

    Charles Harding

    Charles Harding has over 20 years of experience in education, ranging from teaching English as a second language in Japan to working as a literature instructor at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has also taught composition, rhetoric, and humanities courses at the University of Colorado and other colleges in the Denver area. He has edited textbooks and course materials for language schools in Japan and has published literary research in peer-reviewed venues.

  9. Jeanette Joyce

    Jeanette Joyce

    At Marzano Research, Jeanette Joyce leads and assists in numerous projects, including evaluations of programs that focus on teacher preparation; educator evaluation; equity assistance; and personalized, gamified learning. She also has expertise in mixed-methods research, experimental and quasi-experimental designs, and instrument design and validation.

  10. Becky Kelleman

    Becky Kelleman

    Becky Kelleman is a researcher at Marzano Research. In her role, she contributes to numerous evaluation projects to support student engagement and achievement.

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