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Proficiency Scale Bank

The Proficiency Scale Bank contains two types of proficiency scales.

1. The majority of the scales here were written by schools and districts and have not been vetted by Marzano Research, nor are they endorsed by Marzano Research. We present them here simply as examples that may be useful to others seeking to write their own proficiency scales.

2. This site also includes preliminary scales written by Marzano Research for the Common Core (in 2013) and the Next Generation Science Standards (in 2015). These can be accessed by checking the corresponding boxes.

The Proficiency Scale Bank does not contain Marzano Research’s Critical Concepts proficiency scales. The Critical Concepts, released in 2016–2018, were developed through a rigorous analysis process by analysts at Marzano Research and are available for purchase here. A complete report detailing the analysis process and the Critical Concepts’ creation is also available as a free download.

Please note: The materials contained in this database are copyrighted, and the availability of these materials does not constitute a transfer of any intellectual property rights. Marzano Research encourages users to download, customize, and use these materials to improve their classrooms and schools, but the materials and any derivatives created by users may not be sold or distributed without the written consent of Marzano Research.