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A Handbook for Classroom Management That Works

A Handbook for Classroom Management That Works
Publisher: ASCD
Publication date: November 1, 2005

Page count: 168

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Use this handbook in self-help and study groups and teacher workshops to implement the research-based classroom management practices from the bestseller Classroom Management That Works. The authors guide you through the classroom management approaches that support higher student achievement and provide you with hundreds of classroom-proven strategies and recommendations for:

  • Establishing basic rules and procedures
  • Using effective discipline and consequences
  • Creating positive teacher-student relationships
  • Exhibiting a sound mental set for difficult situations
  • Making students responsible for classroom management
  • Dealing with schoolwide management issues

Questionnaires, discussion topics, case studies, and self-assessments help you see how and when to apply the best approach for a positive achievement gain in any grade level.

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Product Code: BKC270

ISBN: 9781416602361

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