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Toby Boss

Toby Boss

Dr. Toby Boss is the director of professional development at Educational Service Unit 6 in Milford, Nebraska. Dr. Boss focuses on improving teaching and learning for all students.

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In 2011, Dr. Boss brought the first of five Marzano Academies to Nebraska. These regional academies have allowed over 50 schools of all sizes to implement a common language of instruction and receive ongoing professional development and support. Dr. Boss and his team developed an Instructional Model Implementation process used by area schools that has been highlighted at regional and national conferences. In the spring of 2015, Dr. Boss and his staff trained Nebraska Educational Service Unit personnel on this implementation process. This process was also highlighted at the inaugural Marzano Research High Reliability Schools Summit in the summer of 2015.

Dr. Boss has worked closely with the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) in the development of the Effective Educator System. Over the past two years, he has provided guidance to both NDE and 17 pilot districts in how to embed a common language of instruction into the state teacher appraisal system.

Dr. Boss has served as the lead evaluator on multiple external accreditation teams representing AdvancED and statewide accreditation for schools across Nebraska. He regularly consults with area schools on school and district improvement efforts. Most recently, Dr. Boss coordinated 57 school site visitations as the lead evaluator for the Lincoln Public Schools external visitation team.

Dr. Boss earned his bachelor of arts in secondary education, a master of arts in economics, and a doctor of education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.